Meg Stringham

Hi, Meg here! I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 14 years and I absolutely love my career.

Like most of you, I started out at the bottom in a salon being mentored by an amazing salon owner. For the first few months I literally only made two dollars an hour. I was newly married my husband begged me to quit. Being passionate and determined to make it work, I kept pushing through. In just 6 months I was able to build a clientele, went from commission to booth rent, and paying my expenses all while being profitable.

I have worked in a commission, booth rent, studio salon, and salon owner position. I have learned how to grow my personal books as a six figure stylist by utilizing my time, creating home life balance, and only working a few days a week.

Here is a quick overview of my career:

  • 14 years behind the chair

  • Developed and created my own hair extension line for my salon clients in 2004

  • Developed Waterfall Beaded Row Technique in 2013

  • Traveled the nation to educate thousands of stylists on my extension + blonding techniques

  • Salon Owner

  • Using Instagram Influencers to promote my business

  • NYFW Stylist 8 seasons

  • Modern Salon Top 100

  • Modern Salon Collective Team Member

  • Worked with my dream brands Aveda, Sam Villa, Redken, Kenra, Wella, Hotheads, Bellami, & Framar

  • Created balance & passion while managing my personal and career life

I have crushed all of my career goals by creating systems and staying organized. The hair industry is changing at lightening speed with the introduction of social media to the beauty world, we are expected to be more than stylist. This means visualizing goals, utilizing systems, and making a plan. My goal is to help you create balance, find success, and ignite your passion while giving you the tools needed to create balance in your life. So get ready, I saved you a seat!

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